Journey down

Journey down

Important to consider:

Before travelling, it is important to ensure that your passport is valid for the complete duration of your stay. Be sure to have money and valuables in a safe place; we know from experience that pocket thieves are working overtime at airports, particularly in Alicante. Greatest danger is when you come out of the airport building to a non-surveillance area. Another risk factor is when you pack your belongings into the rental car.

European Health Insurance card

As of June 1, 2004 it has been possible to order the new European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) from the Social Insurance Institution. The card entitles you to local health care under the same conditions as residents. Healthcare costs vary in different countries. You can consult a doctor or other health professional from the public health care system in the country where you reside. The card is valid in all EU / EEA countries (+ Switzerland) and it is free. However, please notice that EHIC does not cover, for instance, repatriation costs, private health care, relative’s travel etc. This is covered only by separate travel insurance. A separate travel insurance policy also provides reimbursement with no deductible and you will receive help directly at your destination!

Rental cars:

When making car rental arrangements, please consider the number of passengers, number of luggage and estimated mileage. If you have a lot of luggage and several golf bags, maybe you should book a larger car. If you are going to travel long distances, perhaps convenience and comfort should be prioritized.


We are trying to coordinate transfer as much as possible; we therefore recommend flights to Malaga or Almeria. As soon as you have booked flights, please inform your flight number and arrival time if you are interested in the transfer.

Drive down:

There are many advantages of driving down; not because you need to have a car in the destination, but mostly because there is plenty to see on the way. There are many ways to plan the route, one of them is with the help of Google Maps, where you can plan all the stops you want to do and print out a proper schedule, etc. A couple of things to consider; make sure the hotel you choose has fenced parking, and if you want to save time, then car train is recommended (see the link on the links page). If anyone has done this trip and wants to share, please send an email.


There is a hairdresser and beauty salon that offers service in Spanish, English and Swedish. The prices are quite cheap and Trivselgolf guests have an additional 10% discount. The salon is called Bonnie & Clyde. Its website in Swedish is under construction, but those who want to know more can call +34 – 670-98 49 88 (Monica).