Welcome to Trivselgolf and to long-staying in Almerimar!

Trivselgolf is a brand that was started up in 2010. The brand belongs to Almeriagolf that was founded 15 years ago to serve the ever growing golf market.
During its first years, Almeriagolf organized golf only in Almerimar. It was so-called “millionaire golf” with only about a hundred green fee guests per day. Memberships did not exist at that time, which made it very easy to get good tee times on the course. It was then when the former owner decided to try a new grass type on the golf course that lead to a rapid decrease in grass quality. After this incident, Almeriagolf stopped selling green fee packages to Almerimar. Instead, it started the brand Sarakawa Golf, with a focus on golf trips to Thailand.

Now after almost 10 years, we have come back with a long-stay concept under the Trivselgolf brand, to a newly renovated golf course that keeps getting better and better. Here you will be looked after by our friendly, bilingual and service oriented staff that always puts the customer first. Welcome.